The «Sariza Spring Hotel» is located in the center of the greenest village of the Cyclades, Apikia of Andros, next to the Spring of Sariza.

Apikia is a particular village, as the only source of Sariza is here, but other less known sources such as Lesina and others. In the Cycladic landscape, the village of Apikia pleasantly surprises the visitors with its trees, its coolness, its paths and its beautiful mansion houses. Only 5 km from Andros Chora, the main city of the island, and 2 km from Gyalia beach.

Within this unique setting you will find the welcoming «Sariza Spring Hotel», where you can find the comforts of a modern and large hotel, combined with the rejuvenating treatment of Sariza water.

Our hotel has been operating from the end of May to September in recent years, ready to accommodate you for both an unforgettable weekend and for longer stays to take a break far from the cities effervescence.
In the comfortable and tasteful lounges of our hotel you will relax and unwind while enjoying the view of the Steni valley and the Aegean Sea, along with your coffee, drink or food.
Our clean, traditional and authentic vintage rooms are equipped with all comforts (TV, fridge, air condition, radio, wi-fi, etc.). Also from our hotel you will enjoy comfort, peace, tranquility, fresh air, the wonderful view and extremely good prices.



  • Priviliged location
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Unparalleded service
  • Modern comfort
  • Free Wifi
  • Delicious food
  • Bar & veranda
  • Courtyard with plane trees
  • Wellness & pool