4th Summer School

The “Pedagogical Department Δ.Ε.”, the “Advanced Learning Technologies Laboratory in Lifelong and Distance Education (Ε.ΔΙ.Β.Ε.Α.)” of the University of Education in Crete and the “Innovation Network for Creativity and the ΤΠΕ in Education”, are organizing the 4th Summer School on the topic: “Exploiting Enhanced Reality Applications in Education”.

The purpose of the 4th Summer School is to promote collaborative creativity through the use of new technologies and in particular the augmented reality as one of the most important challenges faced by the educated citizen in order to respond critically to the requirements of the new era.

At the 4th Summer School, teachers of all specialties can participate from primary and secondary education, as well as students – graduates from the University of Athens.

The Summer School will take place at the Sariza Spring Hotel (Apoikia, Andros)

Start: Monday 2 July at 18.00
Expiration: Tuesday 10 July at 16.00

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