Waterfall Pythara

The Gulf of Pythara is located in Apikia, ten minutes away from the road, through a smooth path full of luxuriant vegetation. The route predisposes you to the beauty you will see in the “Neraydotopos” as the folkloric tradition calls it. Its abundant waters run violently and make an amazing biotope in the lush landscape creating waterfalls and lakes where aquatic life abounds. The springs are on Mount Petalos, in the area of Evrosies, and the estuary is on Gyalia beach. It is a small ecosystem for many birds, amphibians and rare species of plants and wildflowers that sprout all along the stream. Pythara is used to irrigate the fields and between 1863 and 1936, to water the largest watermill in the Balkans, the “Fabrika”, a little further down in the village of Stenia.